Today’s images are mostly a combination of 2D and 3D and the creation of appeal. 2D is a necessity in modern game design, as it makes graphics brighter; most 3D objects are processed in 2D at post-production to achieve the best appearance and quality. Talented 2D artists of Argent Design are always able to deliver top-notch images in full compliance with your requirements and feedback. We can work in the photorealistic style and always create a quality end product by using a variety of applicable technologies.

The team of Argent Design’s 2D artists is highly skilled in producing a variety of 2D art objects such as illustrations, sketches, concepts, and even entire environments. Here you can get:

  • Super cool 2D character and location concepts
  • Post-production processing in 2D to enrich the atmosphere of 3D
  • Dimensional backgrounds, items, and collections.

That’s just the tip of an iceberg, with many other types of 2D work available on demand.


Each character is a unique story on its own, and we love telling these stories to your audience and clients. The creation of new characters is a real passion of the Argent Design team, and you can always rest assured of getting the most memorable and distinctive characters from our artists. We work with both 2D and 3D character designs. From the first rough sketch to the final animated product, the character development process is undertaken in compliance with your requirements and under your control.

Our characters resonate with audiences and deliver memorable experiences because they are developed with a balance of action and emotion in mind, with proper regard to the character’s motivation and personality. You can choose the look and appeal of each character and be sure that our artists will capture your ideas to breathe life into them. Get your character’s story told by the best experts in the animation industry!


3D is the buzzword not only in gaming, but also in advertising, film, animated movies, and static image production. If you wish to look stylish and innovative, you can’t do without 3D models, images, and animation. We are ready to help you surprise your audience with impressive 3D graphics, as that’s the core professional area of our expertise. In Argent Design, you are free to order the following forms of 3D art:

  • Models
  • Textures
  • Rigging
  • Animations
  • Refinement for real-time rendering and pre-rendered animation.

Artists of Argent Design will realize any 3D project from modeling to end product. There’s literally no limit to our creativity and skill in the area of 3D modeling, as we employ the cream of the crop and foster our team’s advancement. Thus, you’ll always get truly stunning 3D art no matter what its topic, style, design, and complexity is.


Any game starts with design: the addition of any new content requires scripts; the creation of new characters can’t do without a detailed technical specification, etc. We at Argent Design believe that only full immersion into client projects, commitment and excitement about the project goals, and genuine interest in the story may result in a timely and impressive production, both by artists and developers. So, here you will always get a perfect combination of professional experience and genuine involvement guaranteeing a top-notch product.

Game design is a complex process requiring much documentation and thorough workflow planning. With Argent Design, you may not worry about these technical aspects. We take the project planning and execution stages very seriously, have experience with numerous game types, and are always open to new kinds of projects. Our technical specialists create detailed and understandable synopses and specifications so to ensure smooth development and design and avoid any misunderstanding or confusion among artists.

Today’s games are not only for children anymore; the gaming market is a multi-billion business with a realm of educational, training, and entertainment products. The future of the gaming industry is very optimistic, with investments and sales growing day by day. So, it’s a great chance to grab your piece of that market’s cake. Do this with excellent creative solutions of Argent Design – your reliable provider of top-notch, captivating game design. Rock the world of gaming with a new hit created in collaboration with Argent Design developers!


You see animation at every bend today. Having an animated logo or an animated presentation of your service has almost become an industry standard. Moreover, the animation is what adds dynamism and colors to any project. So, not to lag behind competitors, it’s your turn to add animation to your business interface and enhance the business outlook with animation solutions.

Order the animation services from Argent Design artists and get the exclusive look and feel. We know the latest animation trends and can offer exquisite solutions tailored specifically to your purposes. Here you’ll find the best offers for:

  • Corporate animation
  • Animated video production
  • Animated logo creation
  • 2D/3D character animation services.

Find all animation services of the best standard here to transform your brand image with us.